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Flight Permit Office

All foreign-registered aircraft wishing to overfly or land in Tanzania must obtain a flight clearance from the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority before undertaking such a flight. Aircraft flying into or departing from the United Republic of Tanzania shall make their first landing at or final departure from, an International Aerodrome/Heliport or any other Aerodrome notified for entry and exit ( see AIP Tanzania GEN 1.2-1 to 1.2-3 ) .

In applying for the flight permit, aircraft operators ,  and aviation agents (on behalf of the operator) are required to register themselves to the portal in order to access the online permit system. To register, send your details to . After being registered,  click here   to access the flight permit portal.

For current fees and charges related to licensing of Air and Ground handling services  click here   or visit the  Aeronautical Information Circular page for further information.  

For any inquiry concerning the permit Office use the below addresses:

Permit Office Tanzania Mainland


Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority

Aviation House

P. O. Box 2819,Dar es Salaam

Tel: + 255 22 2844025/2198100

Fax + 255 22 2844300/2844302



For aircraft that need to operate in Zanzibar, aircraft operators and  aviation agents (on behalf of the operator) are required to obtain prior permission to land in Zanzibar through the following  address:

Principal Secretary 

Office of the President

P.O.Box 2422, Zanzibar

Tel: +255 24 2230814

Fax: + 255 24 2232388