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Aircraft Type Acceptance Certificate

A Type Acceptance Certificate (TAC) and is issued by the Authority to accept the Type Certificate (TC) issued by the state which its airworthiness code is recognized as outlined by the regulation 4 of the Civil Aviation (Airworthiness) Regulations,2017 as amended and advisory circular TCAA-AC-AWS021C. The Authority will issue TAC only to the aircraft with TC issued by FAA, EASA, UKCAA, TCCA or ANAC.

The Authority issued TAC is a prerequisite for acceptance, registration, and issuance of Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A) to all aircraft in Tanzania except microlight, sport, homebuilt and armature aircraft. 

Before applying for an importation and registration of aircraft the applicant should check the list of TACs granted by the Authority at the Authority website to verify whether the Authority has issued a TAC for the applicable type of aircraft.

If the aircraft is not listed in the granted TAC, it is the owner or operator's responsibility to inform the Type Certificate holder and for them to apply for the grant of a Type Acceptance Certificate. 

Application for TAC shall be made by filling form and submitting to the Authority. To apply for TAC, please complete the following:

i. Write a letter to Director-General for application of TAC.

ii. Fill and submit form TCAA-form-AWS023 and submit it to the Director-General.

iii. Submit proof of compliance to state of design certification standard.

iv. Submit proof of compliance to the Civil Aviation (Instrument and Equipment) Regulations, 2017 as amended.

v. Pay the application fee.

More directives can be gathered from the following regulatory documents:

i.       The Civil Aviation(Airworthiness) Regulations, 2017.

ii.      The Civil Aviation (Instruments and Equipment) Regulations,2017.

iii.      Advisory Circular TCAA-AC-AWS021C acceptance of foreign airworthiness code for type certificate and data sheet.

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