Notice of Establishment


Made under section 44 of Civil Aviation Act Cap 80 ( R.E 2006)

Establishment of the Public Register


Made under section 44


Establishment of the Public Register 

1. The Authority hereby establishes a Public Register as required by section 44 of the Act. The Public Register shall be operated and managed as guided in this establishment Notice.


Location of the Register

(1)The Public Register is maintained at the Authority’s headquarter at

Aviation House,Nyerere /Kitunda Road Junction, Banana Ukonga Area, in the office of Public Information Officers.

Copies of the Register will be at sub – offices to be determined by the Authority

(2) The Public Register shall be accessible to members of the public during official working hours.

(3) The Public Register may also be accessible through the Authority’s Internet website.


Decisions and information to be kept


3. (1) In addition to the decisions and information required by the Act to be placed on a Public Register, specified in sub-paragraph (2) below, the Authority shall from time to time determine the categories of decisions and information which would be placed on the Public Register and will notify the Minister accordingly.

(2) The Public Register contains the following:

(a) the draft Code of Conduct as specified by section 10(2)(a) of the Act and later the adopted Code of Conduct as specified by section 10(3) of the Act;

(b) any rules or regulations as specified in section 24(4)(b) of the Act;

(c) a summary of any decision by the Authority setting rates or charges for the regulated goods or services as specified in section 24(4)(c) of the Act;

(d) any other decision or information the Authority may decide to publish in the Gazette as specified in section 24(4)(d) of the Act;

(e) consultation programme specified in section 23(2) of the Act; 

(f) prescribed licence and other fees as required by section 42(4) of the Act; and 

(g) any other decision or information specified by the Authority’s rules, procedures or regulations.

(3) The Authority shall exclude from the Public Register any document or part of a document which is confidential as determined by the Procedures established under section 25(2) of the Act.


Format of the Public Register


4. The Register format is designed to provide a quick and simple reference to the subject/information the users require to access. The Register is divided in parts/chapters, sub-parts/sub-chapters leading the users where particular information may be found. The format and information posted on the Public Register is as indicated in the Schedule to this Notice.  


Management of the Public Register


5. (1) The Public Information office is responsible for the management of the Public Register in particular its availability to the public.

(2) The Public Register will be kept current at all times. Decisions and information required to appear in the Public Register shall be placed on the Register within seven working days of such decisions or information being available.

(3) The Authority will establish procedures to be followed for posting or amending information on the Public Register.