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Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority provides Aeronautical Information Service necessary for the safety, regularity and efficiency of air navigation for the entire territory of Tanzania and for the Airspace over the high seas encompassed by the Dar es Salam Flight Information Region (FIR).

Basic Aeronautical information document that contains permanent information essential to air navigation within the Dar es Salam (FIR) is published as Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) Tanzania and is updated by a regular amendment service of reprinted pages issued four times per year. The publication dates are normally published on the first AIRAC effective dates of January.

The AIP is prepared in accordance with the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) of Annex 4, 10 Vol II and 15 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the Aeronautical Information Services Manual (ICAO Doc. 8126), Aeronautical Chart Manual (ICAO Doc. 8697) and PANS AIM (ICAO Doc. 10066). The AIP is made up of three Parts: General (GEN), En-route (ENR) and Aerodromes (AD), each part is divided into sections and subsections as applicable AIP Tanzania.


Most of the Aeronautical charts are available in the AIP and those which are not available in the AIP may be obtained on request to Cartographic Unit at AIM Headquarters. Aeronautical chart are prepared in accordance with the standards and recommended Practices (SARPs) annex 4 and are kept up to date by amendments. Corrections to Aeronautical charts which are not contained in the AIP are listed under AIP GEN 3.2 Subsection 8 and notified by email to Aeronautical Charts subscribers. Information concerning the planning for or issuance of new Aeronautical charts is notified by Aeronautical Information Circular.

The price and subscription rates of the products has been shown in AIP GEN 3.1 under subsection 3.8 and may be purchased by completing the AIM Publication order form and faxing or mailing it to the following address below for processing:

Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority
Aeronautical Information Management

P. O. Box 2819,
Dar es Salaam.
Fax: (255 22) 2844300, 2844302
Phone: (255 22) 2198100


If errors or omissions are detected in AIP Tanzania, AIP SUP, AIC, NOTAM List or Aeronautical charts please contact us.


Pre-flight information is available on request at each of the following AIM Unit of aerodromes listed below which hold sufficient information for aircraft to be dispatched for internal and external flights in possession of data relevant to at least the first route stage.

Julius Nyerere International Airport

Tel/Fax : (+255) 22 2844204 or (+255 754) 244204

E-mail : or 

Kilimanjaro International Airport

Tel : (+255 27) 2554230

Fax (+255 27) 2554231

E-mail : 

Mwanza Airport

Tel : (+255 28) 2560228 or (+255 754) 285807

Fax : (+255 732) 981420

E-mail : 

Abeid Amani Karume International Airport

Tel : (+255 24) 2237922

Fax : (+255 24) 2237922

Mobile: (+255 77) 2622466

E-mail : 


Pilots are encouraged to complete a Post flight information Form indicating the level of service and operation of Navigational equipment through the airspace flown in our FIR. This will enable the authority to address issues promptly.