One of the most efficient and reliable business links across the world is the aviation industry through its multiple airways networks. This is the same case in the United Republic of Tanzania. The efficiency and effectiveness of Air Transport have enabled people from different places across the country and the globe to meet and relate to each other in a manner that has transcended national and global boundaries and seen the world turn into one big village providing one big market for goods and services produced from different corners of this one big village. Therefore, the prominence and importance of the safe, secured and sustainable aviation industry need not be overemphasized!

Therefore the mission of Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) is to ensure safety, security and regularity of civil aviation system in Tanzania by providing effective oversight and efficient air navigation services while maintaining quality, protecting the environment and safeguarding the interest of consumers. Guided by our vision to make Civil Aviation System in Tanzania to be amongst the safest most orderly and sustainable in the world, TCAA will continue, with integrity and professionalism, to be unequivocally committed to its mission as it facilitates a healthy growth of the air transport business in the country and within the region; and which we believe, will support our national vision of becoming an industrialized and a middle income nation by 2025.

We at TCAA believe that our strategic goals can’t be achieved without effective communication and information sharing. In the modern business world, speedy and urgent information exchanges, efficient communication as well as effective and timely deliveries of goods and services have become the norm. Not only do these attributes facilitate efficient networking and fast decision-making, they also raise stakeholder’s confidence and in the process promote sustainable business growth.

This website therefore is one of our strategic tool for information sharing and communication to touch base with our potential stakeholders. Under our core values of integrity, professionalism, efficiency, quality and people centeredness, we shall always remain committed to give this strategic tool the attention, which it deserves.

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