02 July, 2019
Author : achangwila
Source : TCAA



Fly your “drone” safely and legally - New rules published


On 2 December 2018, new Regulations for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) or Drones in the United Republic of Tanzania, titled the Civil Aviation (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) Regulations, 2018 were published. With the coming into force of these Regulations, AIC 5/18 on operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems is no longer applicable.


Among the changes, the Regulations include:


  • New Pilot Licensing Rules and Examinations
  • RPAS Registration required for all RPAS (drones)
  • Approval before importation of RPAS
  • Includes both commercial and recreational uses


Overview of the new rules


The Regulations apply to RPAS or drones, that:

  • weigh 0 kilograms (kg) up to and including 25 kilograms(kg), and
  • are operated within the pilot’s visual-line-of-sight


These Regulations introduce three categories of RPAS operations: Category A - used for recreational and sports purposes only, Category B - used for private activities excluding recreational and sports purposes and Category C - used for commercial activities.




There are serious penalties, for those who contravene the Regulations. Individuals and corporations can face fines or jail term for contravening any provision of the Regulations. 


Some of the offences are:

  • putting aircraft and people at risk
  • operating without RPAS pilot licence
  • operating unmarked or unregistered RPAS
  • import a RPAS without a permit


Pilot Licence and knowledge tests

All RPAS pilots for commercial or private purposes shall have a RPAS pilot Licence and shall pass an initial aeronautical knowledge test or recurrent aeronautical knowledge test.



All RPAS must be registered with the Authority and shall be assigned a registration number before operation.


Operation in prohibited or restricted areas

The Regulations also define certain restricted areas for operating RPAS like near airports and shall not be operated, in a manner that endangers other aircraft, persons or property.


RPAS Safety Management System

RPAS operators shall establish and implement a Safety Management System (SMS) commensurate to the size of their operations in accordance with their operational requirements. Pilots must operate their drone within the limits outlined in the Regulations.



In this respect, any RPAS operated prior to the publication of these Regulations, shall be registered within twelve months from the date of publication. 


For new players, read the do’s and don’ts in the Regulations before importation or operations.


These Regulations can be accessed from the TCAA website:



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