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25 November, 2020
Source : TCAA

Request for Proposal (RFP) for the selection of a consultant to Provide services relating to the review and update of the existing of Administrative, Financial and Accounting Manual of Procedures for AFCAC


1.1. AFCAC is the specialized agency of the African Union responsible for civil aviation matters in Africa whose mission is to facilitate cooperation and coordination among African states for the development of integrated and sustainable air transport systems; to promote the implementation of ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs); to consider any specific problems that may hamper the development and operation of the African civil aviation industry and, to the extent possible, to take appropriate measures in coordination with member states, as appropriate. AFCACs revised Constitution makes it an Executing Agency of the Yamoussoukro Decision (YD). AFCACs vision is to foster a safe, secure, efficient, cost-effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly civil aviation industry in Africa.

1.2. Since its creation, AFCACs Administrative and Financial management system is based on ICAO System. All transactions and operations were managed under UNSAS Accounting framework until its financial autonomous in January 1, 2007. Although being financially autonomous, AFCAC continued to present its financial statements under ICAO UNSAS standards. The 22nd Plenary Session held in Dakar in December 2010 recommended a change of reference system through the establishment of a new manual of administrative, financial and accounting procedures in accordance with SYSCOHADA accounting standards and a transition table from SYSCOHADA to IPSAS Standards. This is how AFCAC effectively migrated to IPSAS Standards by presenting its first IPSAS Opening Balance Sheet in January 2015. This change in accounting methods requires updating of the accounting and financial organization manual. During the last audit mission, it has been strongly recommended to update the existing manual.


The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit proposals from various firms to assist AFCAC in the review, revision and development of Administrative, Financial and Accounting manual of Procedures including:

2.1. To review the existing Manual of Administrative, Accounting and Financial Procedures in relation to the Commissions current mission, strategic objectives and changing needs, as well as international standards and best practices, and identify in a participatory manner constraints and gaps in administrative, accounting and financial management;

2.2. To propose, prepare and validate a methodological approach for the development of the administrative procedures manual with a detailed process mapping of the activities to be dealt with and make recommendations on the improvement and modification of working methods;

2.3. To revise and develop Manuals and propose an operational and IPSAS-compliant administrative, accounting and financial procedures specifically through the efficient optimization of the management of accounting and financial operations and harmonization of Reporting and analysis of financial statements with the required international standards;

2.4. To prepare the final version of the validated manual taking into account all the observations and recommendations of the Secretariat.


The procedures manual should specify organization, management principles, tasks and procedures to be applied to the Commission. The Administrative, financial and accounting procedures should group the major functions. Each function corresponds to several tasks to be carried out, each task can be analysed in terms of successive operations to be carried out. The main procedures to be put in place should include but not limited to: 

  • Budgetary Management 
  • Purchasing Management
  • Treasury procedures Management
  • Management of Fuel and fleet of vehicles
  • Management of Stocks
  • Procurement and contracts Management
  • Management of Assets and Values
  • Mail and Documentation Management
  • Management of Plenary sessions and Bureau Meetings of AFCAC
  • Personnel management procedures
  • Control procedures (internal and external audit)
  • Etc.


4.1. Project management The proposal should determine the Firms ability to execute and complete timely the requirements in accordance with this RFP.

4.2. Consultants Profile The Consultant Should be a physical or legal entity from a member State of AFCAC specialized in the field of Administration, Finance and Accounting Management or equivalent with proven experience in the field of development of Manuals of Procedures within a structure benefiting from funding similar to AFCAC, in particular where main source of income is from contributions of Member States and grants from various donors. He shall demonstrate that He/she/it is capable of carrying out all the requirements related to the administrative, financial and accounting areas of the project that require the review and development of the Administrative, Financial and Accounting Procedures Manual, with a detailed action plan, process mapping of the activities to be dealt with and make recommendations on the improvement and modification of working methods as well as providing advice on those aspects that the Consultant feels are missing .

The Consultant must have at least 10 years of work experience as a Consultant in the field of Administration, Finance and Accounting. Have worked in a similar field at the international and/or regional level, in a multinational and multicultural work environment, and have experience in the development of manual of procedures within an international organization of the United Nations Common System and/or ICAO with sound knowledge of migration from SYSCOHADA to IPSAS Standards and provided consultancy services on the later. He/she/it must have a fully-fledged team fully conversant with the area of the development of manuals of procedures for management, organization and record keeping in accordance to IPSAS Standards, such as :

  • Seasoned and confirmed head of mission;
  • Certified public accountant specialised in the organization and development of Manual of Procedures of IPSAS Standards;
  • Specialists in institutional organization and Human Resources;
  • IT specialist, if need.

4.3. Activities and Tasks of the Consultant

a. Provide Inception Report fifteen (15) days after the reward of the Contract with details of an executive summary on the objectives and the scope of the Services, the deliverables, the implementation methodology, the expected outcomes, documentation and data, reference documents, consultation, etc. in an exploitable and a PDF version.

b. Conduct review of the existing manual of procedures and recommendations of External audit reports on the subject.

c. Introduce any additional information deemed useful to include in IPSAS standard procedures manual in an International organization area.

d. Develop detailed process mapping and recommend standard tools.

e. Facilitate the organization of a feedback workshop.

4.4. Duration of Consultation

The consultation period for the revision and development of the accounting and financial organisation manual is scheduled for a total of sixty (60) days.

4.5. Clarification and Amendment of the RFP

a. Consultants may request clarification of the RFP fifteen (15) days prior to the closing date of the proposal submission date. Any request for clarification must be sent in writing or by standard electronic means to the AFCAC address indicated in the RFP. AFCAC will respond in writing or by standard electronic means and will send written copies of the response (including an explanation of the request for information, but without identifying the source of the request) to all consultants who have expressed an interest in bidding.

b. If AFCAC deems it necessary to amend the RFP, as a result of a clarification, it may do so at any time prior to the submission of proposals. AFCAC may therefore amend the RFP by issuing an addendum in writing or by standard electronic means. The addendum will be sent to all consultants and will be binding on them. All amendments will be acknowledged by the consultants. To provide the Consultants with a reasonable time to enable them to reflect a change in their proposals, AFCAC may, if the modification is substantial, extend the deadline for submission of proposals.


5.1 The selected Consultant shall submit an inception report 15 days after Contract award.

5.1. The draft report must reach AFCAC within Sixty (60) days after receiving the approval of the Inception Report. The Consultant shall submit the draft report to the Office of the Secretary General ;

5.2. The Consultant shall facilitate meeting for presentation of its draft report, the Consultant shall submit the amended draft final report to the AFCAC.

5.3. The final report should reach the Secretary General two weeks (15 days) after the presentation of the draft and receiving approval of the Report outlining comments and observations made during the discussion of the Draft Report.


6.1. The deadline for submission of the proposal is 30 November 2020.

6.2. Interested Firms should submit both Technical and Financial Proposals in separately sealed envelopes and the both sealed envelopes should be put together in a large envelope indicating the purpose of the RFP to the address of the Office of the Secretary General of AFCAC:

African Civil Aviation Commission

B.P. 8898 - Aéroport International LSS, Dakar- Yoff, Senegal

Tel: (221) 33 859 88 00 or Fax: (221) 33 820 70 18



7.1. The Consultant shall personally submit his/her/its draft Inception and Draft Reports.

7.2. AFCAC shall be responsible for providing economy class tickets for additional travel only at the request of the Secretary General.


8.1. 20% Advance as first Payment for Mobilization upon submission of Guarantee from Bank or Insurance;

8.2. Second payment of 10% after receiving approval of the Draft Inception Report signed by the Lead Consultant or designated Staff ;

8.3. Third Payment of 30% after receiving approval of the Draft Report by the AFCAC Secretary General;

8.4. The four and final payment of 40% after submission of four (4) hard copies and an electronic version of the final report.