16 May, 2022
Source : TCAA

TCAA Director of Air Navigation Services(DANS), Ms. Flora Alphonce officiates Air Navigation Services (ANS) meeting held in Tanga.

Referring to the message from TCAA Director General Hamza Johari, Ms Flora insisted on the raising serious issues stemming from strategic plan as deliberations from the meeting while avoiding business as usual.

Ms. Flora added that the direction in her Directorate is not to change things rather to do them differently using presentations and discussions that will keep ANS in a better strategic position. As well as having in place same understanding on global matters pertaining ANS provision. This will be achieved using subject matter papers presented by chiefs/managers who are part of local and international working groups or who have attended national and International forums.

Ms Flora added that, the meeting is the platform for strengthening the dialogue among themselves (managers/chiefs) as well as ANS key partners so as to find ways
to support each other in making rapid progress towards the achieving safe and efficient ANS in ethical and professional manner.

She insisted on the change from business as usual for everyone to become the change they want to see within the organization.