ISO 9001:2015 Certified
12 March, 2021
Source : TCAA

The Lord Mayor of Dar es Salaam Hon. Omary S. Kumbilamoto applauded TCAA for its effective and efficient performance on implementing its various activities


Hon. Kumbilamoto revealed  that during the meeting with TCAA Management while paid a visit to TCAA today 12th March, 2021.


“You have shown your excellence in the oversight of standard and quality aviation services in the country and played a greater role in making sure our airspace is well secured and frankly speaking you have done a tremendous job”, Hon. Kumbilamoto insisted.


On his part, the Director General of TCAA, Hamza S. Johari informed Hon. Kumbilamoto that Authority is responsible for overseeing civil aviation services which include safety and security oversight in the country.


Also, DG Johari pleaded before Hon. Kumbilamoto that TCAA will continue to cooperate with Dar es Salaam City Council in order to attain development goals.