30 September, 2022
Source : TCAA

Aviation and Innovation is the theme of the ICAOs 41st Assembly which is taking place at Montreal, Canada from 27 September 2022. This Assembly, which will run through to 7 October 2022, is expected to establish the worldwide policy of ICAO for the next three years. Having been well attended by the ICAOs 193 Member States including the United Republic of Tanzania, this Assembly which is being convened for the first time after the great impact that the aviation industry suffered in the past two years following the COVID-19 outbreak, is reconnecting the world by focusing on NetZero carbon emissions, post COVID-19 resilience and the critical role of innovation. 

During his opening remarks on 27 September 2022, the ICAO Council President, Salvatore Sciacchitano highlighted the fundamental role of ICAO in supporting the safe, secure and sustainable development of international air transport, underscoring the power of aviation in enabling the social, economic and cultural development of the Member States through mobility and connectivity.

The President alluded that the impact of COVID-19 on aviation reminds us to always have a resilient industry bearing in mind that it serves as a fundamental enabler of other sectors of economy. He added that this years theme, "Aviation Innovation and Resilience" is crucial as we practically need to deploy a lot of innovations so as to attain a resilient aviation system to avoid impacts of uncertainties that may come across. 

The agenda of climate change was raised, and it is being raised by Ministers representing countries in the Assembly through their respective country statements. There is also a number of working papers on these subject matters that are expected to be discussed during the Assembly. This debate is hot because of the fact that aviation-related activities contribute immensely to global climate change through emissions mainly resulting from air transport activities. This triennial meeting was reminded that we should not relax now that we have managed to recover the industry from the impact of COVID-19 to a great extent because the challenge of climate change is likely to bring more destructions than the pandemic. Attainment of achieving NetZero carbon emissions was therefore stressed.

In his statement, the Director General of Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority, Mr. Hamza Johari, pointed out that, despite the fact that Africas population constitutes close to 16% of the global population, the continents contribution in terms of air transport is below 3%. He therefore urged African ICAO Member States, under the African Civil Aviation Commission (AFCAC) to always unite in raising one strong voice through the Assemblies so as to optimize the benefits of aviation which are huge, given the fact that Africa has potential for growth in aviation compared to other Continents. He underlined that our solidarity must be exercised from the process of elections of the ICAO Council Members for the coming triennium. African Member States for both the second and third part, must be voted for in order to increase the visibility of Africa in the Council and indeed to have a strong representation of the peoples of Africa in the process of setting policies of running aviation system globally.

The Director General of Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA), Mr. Mussa Mbura, disclosed that, TAA as an airport operator being in the country that is a Member State of ICAO, is obliged to comply with guidelines which are a product of the Assembly. He underlined that airport infrastructures is one of the agenda items that will be discussed through the Technical Commission, adding that the presence of Tanzania physically and through AFCAC, African interests are guaranteed to be taken into account so that we improve competitiveness in airports in the course of supporting air transport in the country. 

The format of the discussions now that the opening and basic agenda of the Executive Commitee have been discussed, the Assembly will work under the following Committees through to the last day: Executive Committee in which Tanzania will be represented by Hon. Ambassador of Tanzania to Canada, Dr. Ulusubisya Mpoki and Mr. Dossa Luhindi, the advisor on international matters from TCAA. The Director Economic Regulation, Mr. Daniel Malanga (TCAA) and Ass. Director of Air Transport Services (Ministry of Works and Transport), Mr. Biseko Chiganga, shall represent the country in the Economic Commission and Executive Commission depending on the agenda and Ms. Maria Memba who is the Director Legal Services of TCAA shall be in the Legal Commission and sometimes Executive Commission. The Technical Commission will be running in the good presence of the Tanzanian experts on air navigation services (Ms. Flora Mwanshinga, Director of Air Navigation Services TCAA) and safety matters (Ms. Clara Mpili, Acting Director Safety Regulation TCAA). These experts have some papers in the Executive Committee in which they will also attend accordingly. The Executive Committee is also meant for the Director General of TCAA, Mr. Hamza Johari and Director General of TAA, Mr. Mussa Mbura. The head of the Tanzanian delegation is Hon. Prof. Makame M. Mbarawa (MP), Minister for Works and Transport.

ICAO Assemblies take place once every three years. This is the supreme organ that brings together the aviation global community for the purpose of setting the structure of aviation from which the ICAO Secretariat formulates guidelines on international civil aviation for the Member States of ICAO.