17 January, 2022
Source : TCAA

The Deputy Minister for Works and Transport (Works Sector) Hon. Eng. Godfrey Kasekenya (MP), has officially launched the Project for Enhancement of the Civil Aviation Safety Oversight System in the United Republic of Tanzania. The launching ceremony has been held at Tanzania Civil Authority (TCAA) Head Quarters in Dar es Salaam on January 14th, 2021.

Speaking during the launching ceremony Hon. Kasekenya said that, The United Republic of Tanzania has an effective and sustainable balanced safety oversight system on which both the State and the aviation industry share responsibilities for the safe, regular and Efficient conduct of civil aviation activities. The relationship is established in the primary aviation legislation and specific operating Regulations and put into practice as a matter of Policy, Standards and Recommended Practices of the Civil Aviation Authority.

Furthermore, Hon. Kasekenya expressed that, the Safety Oversight function performed by States ensures effective implementation of the safety-related Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and its associated procedures contained in the Annexes to the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation and related International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) documents. It is the foundation upon which safe Global aircraft operations are built. The lack of appropriate safety oversight system in one Member State threatens the Safety of the entire International civil aviation system.

 “I congratulate and commend the great efforts of the International Civil Aviation Organization for its continued support towards the enhancement of Civil Aviation Safety Oversight of States through its Technical Cooperation Bureau (TCB). ICAO under its “No Country Left Behind” initiative provides the much-needed assistance to States. This delivers important benefits to the Global, Regional and National aviation safety and efficiency”, insisted Hon. Kasekenya.

Hon. Kasekenya urged ICAO to have an early awareness of the emerging needs of Industry and the direction it is taking and insisted that cooperation between ICAO and the Industry in the areas of Technical and Operational level is already in place and has to be continued.

On his part, Director General (TCAA) Mr. Hamza Johari said the main purpose of the project is to provide technical assistance to the United Republic of Tanzania to enhance its aviation safety oversight system.

DG Johari added that, the overall objective of the project is to ensure Safe operations of Aircraft by enhancing the level of implementation of ICAO SARPS, through implementation of Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program- Continues Monitoring Approach (USOAP CMA) corrective action plans.

DG Johari stressed that, meeting safety and security standards is critical to the success of the aviation industry; and it must be noted that an effective safety oversight system is a key enabler towards the achievement of a safe and secure operational environment. Therefore, the importance of this project cannot be overemphasized.

Moreover, DG Johari stated that, the project aid will focus on the following Critical Elements (CE); CE-4 on Training and CE-5 on Tools, which will ultimately enable the implementation of CE-6 on Certification, CE-7 on Surveillance and CE-8 on Enforcement.

DG Johari further uttered that the project consists of trainings provisions to TCAA and AAIB (Aircraft Accident Investigation Branch) personnel, Providing On the Job Training (OJT) to TCAA and AAIB (staff in Flight Operations (OPS), Aerodrome Ground Aids (AGA) and Air Navigation Services (ANS) audit areas, Providing technical assistance and OJT in Accident Investigation Group (AIG), Procuring equipment/software/tools required for TCAA and AAIG safety related activities. Also Organizing a workshop to sum up the project and provide future directions for the United Republic of Tanzania and share lesson ICAO Coordinated Validation Mission (ICVM) conducted at the end of the project.

“I assure ICAO and The Government of the People’s Republic of China that we shall ensure the project is completed in a timely and quality manner and will meet the objectives of this project”, DG Johari insisted.

On his part, the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Works and Transport (Transport Sector) Dr. Ally Possi articulated that aviation today is undergoing an incredible new period of innovation and transformation, meaning we need to be prepared to identify and address the skills and expectations that the exciting new aircraft and operations now being designed are going to be capable of. Therefore, the Ministry will maintain the good working relationship with ICAO, Member States, industry, and other international partnering organizations to successfully lead the global air transport community in reuniting people, societies, and economies.

On his part, Mr. XU Chen, the Minister Counselor who also represented the Ambassador of China to the United Republic of Tanzania said the Chinese side is willing to support Tanzania in developing its civil aviation industry and connecting its connectivity with other African Countries as well as the World and China included.

Mr. XU Chen articulated that, the project is funded by Government of the people’s Republic of China through South-South Corporation which aim at helping developing countries. People’s Republic of China influenced by strong promotion of ICAO toward success of Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority auditing conducted in 2017 concerning Civil Aviation Safety.

“On behalf of Government of the People’s Republic of China we wish that this project will be implemented well with comprehensive success and the Government of the people’s Republic of China will continue to support ICAO in all matters Concerning development of Civil Aviation industry in Tanzania and other developing countries”, added Mr. XU Chen.

He further said, apart from funding the project, Tanzania and China are friends since then so this friendship will have tangible contribution toward development of Civil Aviation industry and other sectors.

On his part, Mr. Barry Kashambo, a Regional Director of the International Civil Aviation Organization’s Eastern and Southern African Office who was also representing ICAO Secretary General, applauded China Government for funding the project and insisted that TCAA should handle the project in a transparency manner and its achievements must be clearly seen.

The Government of the People’s Republic of China through its South- South cooperation Assistance Fund (SSCAF) provided a grant of 1,000,000 USD to finance the project. The project will be executed by ICAO through its Technical Cooperation Bureau; and the duration of the project is one year.

Participants of the launching ceremony includes The Deputy Minister for Works and Transport (Works Sector) Hon. Eng. Godfrey Kasekenya (MP), Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Works and Transport (Transport Sector) Dr. Ally Possi, The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport from Zanzibar Mr. Amour Hamil Bakari, The Minister Counselor who also represented the Ambassador of China to the United Republic of Tanzania Mr. XU Chen, ICAO Secretary General representative Mr. Barry Kashambo, Director Generals as well as various Aviation Sector stakeholders in the country.