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27 days ago
Source : TCAA

The 49th National Air Transport Facilitation Committee meeting was held in Unguja, Zanzibar on 27th May and officiated by the Minister of Works, Communications and Transport of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar Hon. Rahma Kassim Ali .

 Speaking while delivering the opening remarks, Hon. Rahma urged members of the committee to work hard and practice patriotism in finding solutions and discuss on how to solve the challenges facing the aviation industry as it is an important source of revenue for the country.

 "I am pleased to be invited to officiate this important meeting which brings together aviation stakeholders in the country. I am confident that you will be more productive in identifying, reducing and propose measures that will solve various challenges and strengthen national economy." Hon. Rahma.

 On his part, The Director General Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) Mr. Hamza S. Johari said the committee is focused on law enforcement and adhere to international air transport agreement commonly known as the 1944 Convention on International Civil Aviation which focuses on passengers and foreign affairs. He insisted that when passengers and their luggage pass through the airport there should be convenience, safety, efficiency and speed without too much delays of passengers and luggage without any fundamental reasons.

 "The main purpose of this meeting is to address challenges that cause delays to passengers and cargo at the airports and as well as coming up with measures that will bring convenience and comfort to passengers that are using air transport in the country." Mr. Johari

 Furthermore, Mr. Hamza stressed that air travel does not allow trafficking of illicit drugs, therefore in collaboration and cooperation with all the relevant stakeholders works tirelessly to ensure safety and continue to protect the countys image.

The chairman of the committee, Mr. Daniel N. Malanga, said that meeting provides an avenue for stakeholders of the aviation industry in the country to meet together to evaluate, discuss and come up with proposals that will bring improvements, relief and strengthen the aviation industry in the country.

 "This committee is so diverse thus provides an opportunity to discuss various challenges in details as it includes various aviation stakeholders in the country. Therefore, in this meeting in particular we will discuss in details the challenges facing Abeid Amani Karume International Airport (AAKIA) ”. Mr.Malanga

 As part of the meeting schedule, the committee also visited Abeid Amani Karume International Airport (AAKIA) and witnessed how operations are executed in terminal 2 building and the newly constructed terminal 3 building which is scheduled to commence its operations in July this year and is expected to serve an estimated of 1.5 million passengers per year.

 The meeting was held for two days from 27 to 28 May, 2021 and involved various aviation stakeholders including the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA), Airports Authorities Mainland and Island (TAA and ZAA), Airport Security Departments, environmental stakeholders and service providers at airports in the country respectively.