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14 January, 2021
Source : TCAA

Deputy Minister for Works and Transport Hon. Eng. Godfrey Msongwe Kasekenya applauded Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) for a virtuous job in strengthening aviation industry and enhancing regulation of civil aviation services in the country despite of the COVID-19 pandemic the World is facing.

Hon. Eng. Kasekenya said it on his first official visit to Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority where he met and spoke with Authority’s Management on various issues related to aviation industry in the country.

“Frankly speaking TCAA is doing an excellent job and I am so much impressed by your operational performance trend and the modern equipment that you have streamlining air navigation services provision and improve your daily performance. This shows how smart and creative you are in your daily operations”, said Hon. Kasekenya.

He was also impressed with how TCAA managed to attain 64.4%Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program results in 2017 which is above60% of ICAO global average. Before the audit, the Effective Implementation of ICAO Standards and Recommended practices for the United Republic of Tanzania was at 37% in 2013. From the off-sight validation conducted by ICAO in December 2019, the Effective Implementation of ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices for the country stands at 69.04%.

Hon. Kasekenya also commended efforts made by the Authority to achieve 100% coverage of the airspace in terms of surveillance capability following acquisition and completion of four radars system in 2019.The radars are installed at Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Songwe and Kilimanjaro stations improving the previous surveillance coverage capacity of 25% of the airspace

Moreover, Hon. Kasekenya stressed on the importance of staff motivation as it is paramount in any working place. He insisted that, when someone does a commendable job, rewarding for the same is very crucial.

In qualifying his statement, Hon. Kasekenya reminded TCAA management on the importance of making decisions so as to achieve strategic objectives of the organization and a nation as a whole.

Furthermore, Hon. Eng. Kasekenya reminded the TCAA management that Government has invested heavily on aviation sector through acquisitionof new Aircrafts for Air Tanzania and construction of various airports in the country. “Our President Hon. Dr. John Pombe Magufuli has a strategic vision for aviation industry which is a pillar and a cornerstone to economic growth and it supports the national vision of becoming a middle income and industrialized nation by 2025.

Hon. Eng. Kasekenya emphasized that TCAA is a key player in aviation industry in Tanzania and it has a direct impact on the national economy, safety and security at large, so there is a need to maintain the good performance.

On the other hand, while welcoming Hon. Deputy Minister Kasekenya, Director General TCAA Hamza S. Johari said that TCAA continues tirelessly to see the growth of aviation industry as it has entered into a number of Bilateral Air Services Agreement (BASA) with74 countries and call upon Tanzanian air operators to capitalize on the opportunities to enhance connectivities and business at large..

Responding to Deputy Minister Hon. Kasekenya’s question on the inspection of bush small airports that are all over the country, Aerodrome and Ground Aid Inspector Eng. Mwanaisha Salum explained that TCAA carries out regular and adhoc inspections to all bush airports, regional airports, helipads and international airports in the country and the inspection records and reports are available at TCAA database.