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08 December, 2020
Source : TCAA

The Geita Regional Commissioner Hon. Eng. Robert Gabriel commended the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) and the Director General Hamza S.Johari for coordinating the operational readiness assessment of Geita Airport which is set receive scheduled flights any time from now. This was part of his opening remarks to the heads of institutions meeting convened at Chato on 8th of December 2020 to clear the airport for commercial operations. The meeting was attended by Heads of Institutions and representatives from TCAA, TAA, ATCL, TMA, TANROADS, TPDF, Tanzania Police Force, Utility companies and other aviation stakeholders. TCAA was represented by the Ag. Director General Mr. Vallery Chamulungu.

He also applauded TCAA for the investment in the Radar system "I know you have installed 4 radars at JNIA, KIA, Mwanza and Songwe Airports which have increased our airspace surveillance capacity and will go a long way to enhance our safety and security systems”

Hon. Gabriel added that, Construction of Geita Airport part of Government efforts to implement the National Transport Policy which requires an airport with capacity to handle aircraft with seating capacity between 70 and 100 in every Region.

" I am told this airport conform with international standards and can receive code 4C aircraft like Airbus A220-30 and that this type of aircraft has already done several successful flight test here", Hon. Gabriel insisted.

Addressing the similar meeting, The District Commissioner of Chato Hon. Charles Kabeho expressed his joy and optimism for the project. He said that, the people around Geita were looking forward to commissioning of operations as it will open up and widen business opportunities and drive economic development of the area and national at large.

Earlier, the TANROADS Geita Regional Manager Eng. Harun Senkuku, who is also the Resident Manager for the Project, in his brief, gave assurances that the Airport facilities have been designed and constructed to the highest National and International Standards and has successfully gone through all rigorous quality control and regulatory processes.

When reporters caught up with, ATCL CEO Eng. Ladislaus Matindi, he emphatically confirmed ATCL readiness to the add Geita route to the company network as soon as procedural matters are finalized.