ISO 9001:2015 Certified
01 February, 2021
Source : PIO
The Acting Director General of Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) Mr. Daniel Malanga reminded nine graduates of Approach Control Procedural course from Somalia Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) and 21 Tanzanian graduates of Drone Pilot Training Course to utilize the acquired skills for the benefits of their nation and become good ambassadors as well.
Mr. Malanga, made the remarks during graduation ceremony held on 29th January, 2021 at TCAA Apha conference. He insisted that, “Aviation is highly regulated and therefore, security issues are crucial,” Drone operation isn’t easy as is governed by rules and regulations which every user must comply.”
He urged Somali graduates, not to hesitate coming back for other courses because Tanzania is a place to be and CATC comply with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards hence produce high quality products.
On his part, the Principal of Civil Aviation Training Centre (CATC) Mr. Aristid Kanje said, Approach Control Procedural course conducted for nine weeks whereby the first three weeks were for theory and five weeks for simulation.

He added that, Drones Pilot training course was conducted for four weeks in collaboration with ProWings Training Limited from South Africa whereby, the first two weeks was classroom theory and the last two was for practical held at Tanganyika Packers Grounds in Kawe.

Mr. Kanje guaranteed graduates that, since CATC is an ICAO Train air Plus Full member, and ProWings Training Limited is certified by South, Africa Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) the certificates issued is recognized not only nationally but internationally as well.

Further, the Accountable Manager from ProWings, Mr. Ian Melamed said, Aviation safety is very important and should be understood to all drone pilots “I insist on aviation safety because you are sharing airspace with other aircrafts. I urge to you all not to operate your drones in protected areas including military base unless you are permitted to do so”. 

Speaking on behalf of Drone Pilot training graduates, Mr. Ephraim Danford said “Before attending this course, some of us used to operate drones without knowing that there are things to consider, but now we appreciate CATC for the knowledge and skills brought to us. As certified drone pilots we promise to comply with aviation laws and regulations including other aviation related issues”. 

On the other hand, on behalf of Air Traffic Control in Approach Control Procedural graduates, Mr. Abdifatah Osman showed his gratitude to CATC and acknowledged the efforts made throughout the course “We are very happy that we have completed our studies and we promise to embrace all the knowledge we have acquired”.