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29 December, 2020
Source : TCAA

Dr. John Massoy making a presentation on Emotional Intelligence and Performance to TCAA staff.

“You need to have high level of emotional intelligence in order to be productive in workplace and remember that whatever you do has implication to others”.

This was said by Director General of Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) Hamza S. Johari during the opening of morning session (COCO) held at TCAA conference on December 29th, 2020 and attended by staff from Head Quarters (Da r es Salaam) and other work stations via teleconference.

“When organizing this session, we decided to come up with this topic (Emotional Intelligence) in order to remind each of us that emotions need to be managed beginning at an individual level. If we all manage our emotions, it will be easy to work as a team and reach our institutional goals and objectives”, Hamza S. Johari said.

On the other hand, the topic presenter Dr. John Massoy said emotional intelligence is the capacity of understanding our own feeling and help us in managing our emotions in our daily interactions which hinder our relationships. For someone to be a successful leader, high emotional intelligence is considered as key.

“You might be very intelligent and smart upstairs but if you fail to manage your emotions, you will never work with your colleague. You need to understand your strength and weakness and know how to deal with them in order to have a smooth and satisfactory interactions being at work or other places”. insisted Dr. Masoy

Speaking after the session, Mbura Tenga, TCAA staff said the session was educative since he understands that positive attitude makes emotional intelligence super.

“Frankly speaking, today’s session has changed my mind and I understand that we need to be a change catalyst, building bond and collaborate with colleagues for better Organizational performance’’, said Mr. Tenga.

Jacqueline Mkonyi, TCAA staff stressed on the importance of such topics on regular basis and also added that she has learned the concept of empathy, organization awareness like being familiar with organization culture, political forces at work and understanding organization structure. “I also realized the importance of managing stress, moods and being optimistic in work place” she said.