30 June, 2022
Source : TCAA

Just like other parts of the world, Tanzania is witnessing air transport recovery from the severe impact of COVID-19 since its outbreak late December 2019. Dancing to the tune of this celebratory current situation whereby airspaces are being opened globally after their closure of most of them for more than two years, there is no option except facilitating the recovery of air services by reviewing its operating structures and arrangements to fill the gaps that might have been resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why, experts on Air Services Agreements (ASAs or BASAs) from the Governments of the United Republic of Tanzania and French Republic met in Mayotte from 27 to 28 June 2022 to review the BASA between the two countries which was signed way back in the year 1978 therefore definitely has been overtaken by events.


The Tanzanian delegation to the BASA negotiations, which was led by Mr. Paul Chiganga, Assistant Director Air Transport and Meteorological Services for the Ministry of Works and Transport (MoT), comprised of experts from Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority, airport operators (TAA and ZAA), Ministries responsible for aviation matters from both, Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Office of the Attorney General and airlines (ATCL and Precision Air PLC). This strong Team did justice to the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania by ensuring that the national interests related to provision of air services between Tanzania and France are well protected. What ATCL and Precision Air have been wishing to happen in the BASA between these two countries have been taken onboard the new BASA which will be signed shortly once institutional formalities of the respective Parties (Tanzania and France), have been completed.


To mention but only a few areas of interest that have been agreed upon in the new BASA, the Tanzanian delegation has taken home the following:

1. We have added Mayotte and Reunion destinations which are not in the list of entry points for the Tanzanian designated airlines in the current BASA. This will allow the Tanzanian airlines to operate between points in Tanzania and those two important destinations which are all in the administrative Territory of the French Republic;


2. We have negotiated and agreed to open Paris and Marseille for designated airlines of Tanzania as long-haul routes. This is important because, as we are all aware, the Government, under the wonderful leadership of H.E. Mama Samia Suluhu Hassan, the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, has spared a serious attention on aviation by investing on hugely in ATCL and airport infrastructures;


3. Having in mind the plans by ATCL to acquire an all-cargo freighter in the near future, we agreed, during the negotiations, to open up Paris and Marseille for long-haul cargo between the two countries. We further agreed to open Mayotte (short-haul) for cargo from Tanzania and vice versa, for ATCL and Precision Air in future.

4. We have agreed on code-share arrangements between airlines from the two countries; also provided a flexibility for airlines from third countries to be involved in code-share arrangements for the purpose of creating ample room for flight network expansion of designated airlines of Tanzania and France.


That was the first time that France hosted a big negotiation of that magnitude with another country in Mayotte. “So, we are not taking this occasion lightly and the people of Mayotte feel a great presence of Paris in Mayotte by just deciding that the negotiations should on air transport services should be held here” Mr. Emmanuel VIVET, the Director General of the French Civil Aviation Authority, who was also the head of the French delegation and co-chair of the negotiations meeting, disclosed during his closing remarks.


The 1978 BASA will cease to be in effect once the new BASA is signed and entered into force.