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Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority
Apr 01, 2016

The Tanzania Civil Aviation stakeholders on Wednesday met to deliberate on the draft of civil aviation master plan during a one day workshop held at Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) headquarters, Banana- Ukonga, Dar es Salaam.

More than 60 participants from the Ministry of Works, Transport and Communication, air services providers, Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA) and the host Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) attended this one day workshop to review and offer comments for improvement of the plan.

In his opening remarks, the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Works, Transport and Communication, Dr. Leonard Chamuriho said, Tanzania is determined to comply with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards particularly on air safety matters and also promote completion in air transport industry.

He added that, aviation sector is growing fast in Tanzania, as traffic performance has been increasing significantly. For instance air craft movements in 2015 increased for about 8 percent while air passengers in Tanzania airports kept increasing for about 1.5. 2 percent per annum.

Speaking on the challenges, the Permanent Secretary noted that manpower gap in air transport industry has been increasing particularly on scarcity of air craft engineers and pilots something which need to be addressed.

"The finalized master plan will be a big achievement, will assist the ministry to use existing data in the plan during review of Transport Sector Investment Plan(TSIP) expected to be reviewed in mid of this year", said dr. Chamuriho.

In his closing remarks, The TCAA Director General, Mr. Hamza Johari underscored the need to conduct industrial human capital assessment in terms of technical and qualified personnel to meet the demand of technical personnel to match industrial growth.

The DGTCAA also said that his Authority will soon start the process of separating the air navigation services from TCAA as recommended by the Civil Aviation Master Plan and International Civil Aviation Organization.

The Australian company M/s LEAPP undertook the Civil Aviation Master Plan Development assignment in 2015 under the World Bank financing. The consultant is expected to collect all the views from stakeholders before the production of the final document.

It should be noted that air transport is a product that is being produced by ranges of stakeholders such as airlines, airports operators, ground handlers, MET etc. So having a civil aviation master plan is a must so that each stokeholder will start to have its individual plan from the main national master plan