Pursuant to regulation 21(6) of the Civil Aviation (Security) Regulations, 2015 and Chapter 5.4.3 of the National Civil Aviation Security Training Programme, the Authority has planned to conduct certification and re-certification of NationalAviation Security Instructors at TCAA Headquarters from 1st to 5th October, 2018.

The process is aimed at building internal capacity within organizations and certify instructors who will help to deliver approved aviation security courses at the Civil Aviation Training Centre. The eligible candidates are those who have successfully completed Aviation Security Instructors Course at any recognised Aviation Security Training Centre (ASTCs).

Organizations are hereby invited to nominate candidates who have attended and successfully completed the above-mentioned course. Nominees should submit to the Authority the documents listed hereunder;

i)                 Academic Certificates

ii)               Fully filled Application Form, which can be downloaded here

iii)              Medical Form (done within a month prior to certification) and

iv)             Fully filled Personal Data Form.

The deadline for submission of applications is 20th September 2018. Instructors vying for re-certification they don’t have to submit academic certificates.

Kindly note that, certification and re-certification fees are charged at the rate of USD 300 or its equivalent per person payable to the Authority prior to the certification process.

Payment Control Number isavailable at TCAA headquarters prior to depositing the fees through NBC Account Number 011105002975 in the name of Director General- Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority.