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Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority
Personel Licensing Advisory Circulars
Document NumberDocument Name
Air Traffic Controllers Licence 65.6 Kb
Application for a Flight Radio Telephony Operators licence 57 Kb
Application for Flight Crew Member Licence 113 Kb
Authorisation of Flight Test Examiner 76.5 Kb
Aviation Language Proficiency Testing for Licence Endorsement - May 2008 62.1 Kb
Cabin Crew Instructors Authorisation 60 Kb
Cabin Crew Member Certificate issue-reissue-renewal 60.8 Kb
Conducting English Language Proficiency Training 64.1 Kb
Designation of AME 74.6 Kb
Flight Engineer Examiner 68.7 Kb
Flight Engineer Instructor Authorisation 67 Kb
Flight Engineer Licence Issue-Renewal and Reissue 72.3 Kb
Flight Instructors Rating 75 Kb
Flight Operations Officer licensing 58.8 Kb
Ground Instructor Licensing 56.5 Kb
Instrument Rating Isue and Renewal 66.7 Kb
Issue and Renewal of a Night Rating 58.7 Kb
Issue and Renewal of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Licences 101 Kb
Issue of a Pilot Licence based on Military Qualification 62.6 Kb
Issue Re-issue Renewal of Ground Examiner Authorisation 65.5 Kb
Issue, Renewala or Re-issue of a Medical Certificate 70.7 Kb
Medical Certificate Issue and Renewal 71.8 Kb
Re-issue of AMELTo Comply With the New Regulations 67 Kb
Suspendion and Recvocation of Documents 69.9 Kb
Theoretical Knowledge Testing for a Licence or Rating 81.9 Kb
Validation and Conversion of Foreign Flight Crew Licences 66.2 Kb