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Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority
General Advisory Circulars
Document NumberDocument Name
TCAA-AC-GEN003B Five Phase Certification Process 225.5 Kb
TCAA-AC-GEN007 Appealing the CAA decision on licensing 233.5 Kb
TCAA-AC-GEN002B Approval of Technical Manual 255.5 Kb
TCAA-AC-GEN011 Development of SMS Implementation 666.5 Kb
TCAA-AC-GEN012 Emergency Response Planning 126 Kb
TCAA-AC-GEN013 Guidance of SMS Manual Development 105.9 Kb
TCAA-AC-GEN015 Guidance on risk assessment and mitigation 274.2 Kb
TCAA-AC-GEN001B Introduction to CARs 273 Kb
TCAA-AC-GEN009 Procedures for preservation, custody and disposal of FDR records 70.4 Kb
TCAA-AC-GEN005A Quality Assurance System 160.5 Kb
TCAA-AC-GEN014 SMS Parfomance Indicators 502.5 Kb
TCAA-AC-GEN004B Statement of Compliance 101 Kb
TCAA-AC-GEN006A Surveillance of Approval Certificate and Licence Holders 100 Kb
TCAA-AC-GEN010 Voluntary and Cofidential Reporting System 95 Kb