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Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority
Personel Licensing
Checklist for Conversion of Foreign PilotLlicence 70.9 Kb
Checklist Supervision and Control of AME 65.3 Kb
Aeronautical experiance ATPL (A,H) 62.3 Kb
Application For Instrument Rating 0 Kb
Checklist Conversion of foreign FE licence 65.3 Kb
Checklist for Aeronautical experiance CPL_Lighter than Air 57.8 Kb
Checklist for Aeronautical experience requirements for CPL Aeroplane, Helicopter and Gyroplane 0 Kb
Checklist for Aeronautical experience requirements for PPL licence 70.3 Kb
Checklist for validation of FCL and Rating 65.6 Kb
Checklist for Audit of Aerodrome Manual 874.5 Kb
Checklist for Certification Inspection of Aerodromes 2.3 Mb
Checklist for Licencing of Aerodromes 68.7 Kb
Checklist for Maintenance of Pavements 70.2 Kb
Checklist for Surveillance of Aerodromes 235.5 Kb
Checklist on Inspection of Obstacles 90.9 Kb
Air Navigation Services
CNS Inspection Checklist 1.2 Mb
PANS OPS Inspection Checklist 1.1 Mb
AMO Certification and Approval Renewal Inspection 401.4 Kb
AOC Maint. Support Certification 282 Kb
C of A Issue Renewal Inspection Report 284.4 Kb
Certificate Of Airworthiness Issue/Renewal Inspection Report -CHECKLIST 134.5 Kb
Evaluate Maintenance Programme Short Term Escallation 273.5 Kb
Evaluating a Maintenance Programme 251.4 Kb
Facilties and Eqipment Audit 257.5 Kb
Maintenance Contract Agreement Evaluation 274.1 Kb
Maintenance Procedures Manual Evaluation 287.7 Kb
Major Mods & Repaires Approval 237.1 Kb
Flight Operations
Approved RVSM Operations Programme Checklist 199.9 Kb
Approval and Acceptance of MEL and CDL 161.9 Kb
Approval and Acceptance of the Aircraft Operating Manual (AOM) Checklist 373.3 Kb
Approval of Operator’s Mass And Balance Control Programme Checklist 374.1 Kb
Carriage of Dangerous Goods Checklist 273.6 Kb
Carry-on Baggage Programme Checklist 177 Kb
Certification Checkllist and Schedule of Events 76.2 Kb
Check Pilot (Authorization, Renewal of Authorization, or Inspection) 373.8 Kb
Checklist - ETOPS Evaluation 161.5 Kb
Checklist on Assessing Applications for Wet Lease Operations 65.8 Kb
Checklist to Convey Info to Emergency Services 88.9 Kb
Emergency Evacuation Ditching Demonstration Report 20.8 Kb
Flight Crew Basic Indoctrination Training - Operator-Specific Training CheckList 66.7 Kb
Management Personnel Evaluation Checklist 49.7 Kb
New Instrument Rating Form 2014 Part 2. 96 Kb
Organisation Structure, Staffing and Administrative Facilities Checklist 201.7 Kb
Preparation of Cabin Crew Manual Inspection Checklist 138.3 Kb
Project Managers Completion Certificate Checklist 63.4 Kb
Review of Manual Containing Simulator Training Devices Process Checklist 120.6 Kb
Reviewing an Applicant’s Plan for Demonstration Flights 51 Kb
Training Programme Approval Process Checklist 295.8 Kb
Training Programme Inspection Checklist 58.6 Kb