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Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority
Airworthiness Advisory Circulars
Document NumberDocument Name
TCAA-AC-AWS002A C of A Issue 261.4 Kb
TCAA-AC-AWS021B Acceptance of Type Certificate 153.5 Kb
TCAA-AC-AWS008B Aircraft Maintenance Programme - Commercial Air Operators 258.6 Kb
TCAA-AC-AWS001A Aircraft Registration Acceptanc 212.5 Kb
TCAA-AC-AWS006B AMO Certification 157.4 Kb
TCAA-AC-AWS020B AMO Re-certificationl under the new Regulations 173.5 Kb
TCAA-AC-AWS015B Approved Training Organisation Approval 246.4 Kb
TCAA-AC-AWS003B C of A Renewal 250.7 Kb
TCAA-AC-AWS007C Certification of Foreign AMO 184 Kb
TCAA-AC-AWS004C Export C of A,Restricted C of A and Special Flight Permit 141.5 Kb
TCAA-AC-AWS024A Guidelines on Specialised Maintenance Activities - Welding NDT 184.2 Kb
TCAA-AC-AWS025A Implementation of ICAO Article 83bis 232 Kb
TCAA-AC-AWS017B Maintanance Contract Development 178.6 Kb
TCAA-AC-AWS011B Maintenance Control Manual 249.1 Kb
TCAA-AC-AWS009B Maintenance Programme General Aviation 200.4 Kb
TCAA-AC-AWS010B Maintenance Reliability Programme 172.4 Kb
TCAA-AC-AWS016B Mass & Balance 268.7 Kb
TCAA-AC-AWS014C Modifications and Repairs 250 Kb
TCAA-AC-AWS019B MPM Development 256.2 Kb
Procedures for Reporting Faults Malfunctions Incidents and Defects 132.6 Kb
TCAA-AC-AWS023B Procedures for Reporting Faults Malfunctions Incidents and Defects 114.6 Kb
TCAA-AC-AWS004B Special Fight Permit 133.1 Kb
TCAA-AC-AWS013D Technical Stores Management-customized 218.1 Kb
TCAA-AC-AWS018B Training Programme Approval 254.3 Kb