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Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority
Aerodromes Advisory Circulars
Document NumberDocument Name
TCAAQSPSRACAGA-013 Reporting of Pavement Strength -PCN 1.1 Mb
TCAAQSPSRACAGA-025 AC on Aerodrome Operator's Personnel Qualifications 448.1 Kb
TCAAQSPSRACAGA-023 AC On Conducting Aeron Studies Risk Assessment 561.6 Kb
TCAAQSPSRACAGA-024 AC on Selection of Site for Construction of an Aerodrome 509.1 Kb
TCAAQSPSRACAGA-012 AC Protection of Nav Aids and Radar 273.2 Kb
TCAAQSPSRACAGA-09 Development & Preparation of Aerodrome Manual 906.5 Kb
TCAAQSPSRACAGA-019 Procedures for inspection of Secondary power and electrical outage 451.4 Kb
TCAAQSPSRACAGA-020 Transmission of Info on Wildlife Strikes 169.3 Kb
TCAAQSPSRACAGA-018 AC Human Factors Principles at an Aerodrome 354.4 Kb
TCAAQSPSRACAGA-021 AC on Declared Distances at Arerodromes 307.1 Kb
TCAAQSPSRACAGA-022 AC on Integration of Aviation Security Measures 369.4 Kb
TCAAQSPSRACAGA-016 AC on Land Use and Environmental Management in the Vicinity of aerodromes 221.4 Kb
TCAAQSPSRACAGA-017 AC on Preparation, Submission of Corrective Action 256.5 Kb
TCAAQSPSRACAGA-026 AC on Rescue and Fire Fighting at Aerodromes 927.8 Kb
TCAAQSPSRACAGA-05 Advisory Circular on Operational Safety During Works On Aerodromes 419 Kb
TCAAQSPSRACAGA-06 Apron Management 214.6 Kb
TCAAQSPSRACAGA-07 Apron Safety 336.8 Kb
TCAAQSPSRACAGA-014 Construction and Licencing of Aerodromes handling Aicraft not exceeding MTOW of 5700kg 0 Kb
TCAAQSPSRACAGA-08 Control of Ground Vehicle Operation on Airports 1.3 Mb
TCAAQSPSRACAGA-01 Control of Obstacle 792.1 Kb
TCAAQSPSRACAGA-02 Criteria to regulate use of pavement - Overload Operation 184.5 Kb
TCAAQSPSRACAGA-03 Friction Testing of Runway Pavement Surfaces 645.6 Kb
TCAAQSPSRACAGA-011 Guidance Materials on SMGCS 141.6 Kb
TCAAQSPSRACAGA-10 Procedure for Impact of change on the physical characteristic 618.1 Kb
TCAAQSPSRACAGA-04 Procedures for Monitoring and Reporting of Conditions of Movement Areas 280.6 Kb