Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Aeronautical Info Circular

AICs 2019
04Compliance with AD Certification, Licensing and Registration requirementsWhite
03Licensing of Air and Ground Handling ServicesWhite
02Aeronautical Information Circulars InforceWhite
01AIRAC System Predetermined dates -2019White
AICs 2018
08 Requirements and Procedures for collecting Security feeWhite
07Validation and conversion of licences granted outside TanzaniaWhite
05Unmanned Aircraft SystemsPink
04Focal Point of contact for Aircraft Accident and Incident ReportingPink
03Revised Charges for Air Navigation Services - Dar es Salaam Flight IFRWhite
AICs 2017
12Flight Calibration of Landing and Navigation AidsPink
11Compliance to Amendment 13 to the ICAO Annex 14 Vol IPink
10Compliance to Tanzania Civil Aaviation Regulations (TCARs) 2017White
09The Tanzania Civil Aviation Regulations (TCARs)White
08Overhaul Requirements for Piston Aero-EnginesPink
06Procedures for Compatibility Study to assess impact of new type of Aircraft to the AerodromePink
04Life Jackets, Sea Anchor and Sound signal EquipmentsPink
AICs 2015
05 Area Radar Services with DAR ACC Eastern SectorYellow
AICs 2014
10Authorized Medical ExaminersWhite
04Change of hours of service for Personnel Licensing OfficeWhite
03Revised Requirements and Procedures for collecting Safety feesWhite
AICs 2013
09Fee for AVSEC Licences, Certification and ApprovalsWhite
AICs 2012
AICs 2011
05Fees for Approval of Aerial MastsWhite
04Registration, Certification and Operation of Microlight and Ultralight Aeroplanes in Tanzania
03The Tanzania Civil Aviation Regulations, (TCARS) 2006 - FEES.
AICs 2010
04Approval & recognition of quality assurance service providersWhite
03Recording of Training TimePink
AICs 2009
14Distress FrequenciesPink
13Compliance with aircraft gross weight and balance limitationPink
12Pilots recency requirements and refresher training after prolonged absence from aircraft typePink
10Introduction of pilots licence examination for the grant of initial airline transport pilot licence (aeroplane) ATPL (A)White
08Importation andor use of foreign registered aircraft in TanzaniaWhite
07Use of portable telephones in aircraft
04Establishment of flight operations inspectorateWhite
AICs 2008
10Fees for licencing of ground handling operatorsWhite
08Use of privately owned aerodromesWhite
06Implementation of Reduced Vertical Separtaion Minima (RVSM)Yellow
03Wake Vortex Reporting Scheme in TanzaniaPink
AICs 2007
08Implementation of an integrated safety management system (SMS) in TanzaniaPink
AICs 2006
10Proper use of frequency 118.2 MHz at unmanned aerodromesPink
09AFI GPS Monitoring Unit (GMU) Height Monitoring ServiceYellow
08Mode of Conduct and Payment for Instrument Rating Issue/Renewal TestsWhite
AICs 2005
12Billing and Collection of Landing & Parking ChargesWhite
04Payment of charges aircraft overflying Tanzania airspaceWhite
AICs 2004
08Medication,alcohol and flyingWhite
05A Standardized Requirement for Scheduled Air Transport in TanzaniaWhite
AICs 2003
14Issuance of low level significant weather charts.White
13Terrorist alert to the aviation industry.Pink
08Measures to enhance security of aircraft on ground.White
07IFR approval to use RNAV (GNSS) procedures in Tanzania.White
03Airborne Collision Avoidance System (ACAS) provisions and operational procedures.Pink
AICs 2002
04Observation and avoidance of animals at aerodromes in National Parks and Game Reserves.Pink
02Bird control reduction and reporting at airportsPink
AICs 2001
03Proposed Criteria and Procedures to Effect Operational Capability of GNSS Procedures in TanzaniaYellow
AICs 2000
56 Operation of single engine aircraft in the public transport category by day under IFR.Pink
55 Hazards in using disused and partially used aerodromes.Pink
53 Accident prevention Safety RecommendationsPink
51Continuing surveillance of certified operators.White
47 Infringement of Prohibited  Restricted areas Ngerengere (HTP6 and HTR7Pink
46 Takeoff performance of light aircraft.Pink
43Positive exchange of flight controlsPink
41Procedures to be followed for airworthiness or flight operation inspections.White
40Movement of foreign registered aircraft into, within and out of Tanzania.White
37 Fuselage drains.Pink
36 The effects of thunderstorms and associated turbulence on aircraft operations.Pink
35Low flying over National Parks and Game Reserves.White
33 Hazards of rotating propeller and helicopter rotor blades.Pink
31 Pilots and spectacles.Pink
30 Proposed construction or alteration of objects that may affect the navigable airspace.Pink
29 Use of fire extinguishers in aircraft.Pink
28 Rules of thumb to assist in avoiding or minimizing encounters with clear air turbulencePink
21Water in fuel systems.Pink
20Guidance to training Pilots_ simulation of engine failure in aeroplanes.Pink
18Birds concentration and movement within TanzaniaPink
17Electrical grounding of aircraft and fuel services vehiclesPink
16Artificial horizon instruments with adjustable pitch datum facility.Pink
15Safety harness in light aircraft.Pink
13Turbo_prop engines _simulated failure on take_off.Pink
12The effect of icing on piston engines in light aircraftPink
11Limitations of Non-Directional Beacons and Automatic Direction Finding Equipment.Pink
10Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI)Pink
09Technical license examinations  Schedule for Pilots and Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.White
08VHF Radio Telephony emergency communications.Pink
07Scope of Aerodrome Flight Information Services (AFIS).Yellow
06SSR code for all flightsPink
03Radio Telephone (RT) discipline.Yellow